I believe that recognition of racial micro-aggressions is key to reducing the macro aggressions impacting society

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Why I created this site

I created this site because I felt I had a way to contribute and I wanted those who are oppressed to have a voice not in the erogenous public arena of brutality but in the continued favoritism or preference for white values over those of others. Subtle words or looks that are not subtle at all. Judgements made behind closed minds and closed doors that continue the suffering of too many. Micro-aggressions are the paper cuts of racism, they maybe small and quick, and sometimes not even that deep, but they all are painful bleeding wounds.

Who this site is for

This site is for anyone who wants to lean about micro-aggressions

This site is for anyone who wants to tell a story about micro-aggressions that they experienced be it against them or another.

This site is for anyone to share resources to continued learning about micro-aggressions.

Tell your story

You got my ear! Do you have a story about when you have witnessed racial micro-aggressions against yourself or others?

I want and hope to publish all the stories that are submitted, but first, we need to establish some ground rules:

     •This is not about getting people in trouble or getting back at anyone, it's about helping everyone learn to recognize racial micro-aggressions in our daily lives.

     • Do not include any identifying information. e.g. Names of people, businesses (unless they are national chains)


     • Please refrain from using expletives as best you can.

All entries are reviewed before being posted. Stories that can't be posted due to content violations will be sent back to the author. This is the ONLY reason we require an email address. If you do not want to be notified for edits, put a fake email address in - something like noreply@yougotmyear.org.

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